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The Pinnacle | Member of the Month October 2018

The Pinnacle | Member of the Month October 2018
Member of the Month

Arrowhead Park Association
Member of the Month – October 2018

Each month, the APA features one randomly chosen member; this month The Pinnacle. We hope you can use these brief overviews to learn more about your neighbors and reach out to network and create relationships that help you grow your businesses.

The Pinnacle

December 1st marks the 21st Anniversary of The Pinnacle, Arrowhead Park’s popular venue for all types of events. Owners Mark and Liz Thees purchased the business from their uncle after working for him for years. During their 35 years in the industry, the husband and wife team has worked at Meadowbrook Hall (which was across from the Stranahan Theater) and then managed Central Park West for 15 years (a previous venue in west Toledo). The last 15 years have all been spent in their ideal location, Arrowhead Park.

Mark and Liz Thees

The Pinnacle is a true family business. Liz Thees handles sales for all types of events: weddings, non-profit fundraisers, business events, corporate functions, parties, private social events, awards dinners and Christmas parties. Mark Thees reports that “even though two events may have the same food or colors, they are each uniquely different. Our staff understands that each event is a big deal to the guests, and handle them with care. Because each occasion’s mood and ambiance are so different, it keeps the work fresh for us.” Mark noted that many of their staff members have been with The Pinnacle for 20+ years. Their chef has been with them from the beginning, and their general manager started as an intern in high school. Longevity is unusual in the catering industry. He feels very fortunate to have such a great team, and a consistently great reputation.

The Pinnacle has hosted 10 years of Twilight Thursdays. Different non-profits are featured each week from the end of May through the beginning of September. The organizations can use the event for fundraising any way they wish. Normally the featured non-profits are smaller, grass-roots types, who don’t get a chance to do fundraising. The events are geared to the outdoor terrace that opened 10 years ago but are held rain or shine. The charity sign up list for Twilight Thursdays fills quickly each year.

The terrace, near the accent water wall, is also popular for marriage ceremonies with about a dozen ceremonies held this year. The terrace is popular additional space during nice weather, and often used for cocktail hours.

The Pinnacle works hard to stay fresh with the trends and bring in new ideas. Mr. Thees said, “Great pride in the quality of our food and our service really sets us apart.” The Pinnacle also provides off-site catering all over town.. and is the official caterer for the Marathon Classic Golf Tournament.

When asked what was the strangest event ever hosted, Mr. Thees did not have to think long. The Pinnacle once hosted a wake for a much-loved dog and a summer alpaca auction that included having a pen for the alpacas on the grounds for the weekend.

Mr. Thees reports, “Arrowhead Park has been a great location for us… couldn’t have picked a better spot. We chose this site specifically when looking for sites in the late 1990s and it’s been wonderful. We do a lot of work with the park businesses, and it is a very convenient location with high visibility… a great setting.”

PS: This reporter has always had one problem with The Pinnacle… tiny coffee cups and saucers. Mr. Thees laughed at this and said, “We have great coffee. It’s our most complimented item on menu. We’ve had complaints about the small cups, and now have mugs. We just reordered, actually, because they tend to disappear.” As he handed me a Pinnacle mug, we agreed that this was great advertising going home in people’s bags.

See you at The Pinnacle!