Marshall Kloene, Ohio’s premier certified and licensed resource for custom orthotics and prosthetics at 419 Tomahawk Drive. They help people live life to its fullest with custom, life-changing devices including:
spinal braces
ankle and foot braces
custom shoe inserts and diabetic shoes
lower and upper limb prostheses

Lower extremity prosthetics are artificially replaced limbs located at the hip level or lower. Upper Extremity Prosthetics are devices designed to replace the function or appearance of a missing upper limb. Proper design and fitting is essential to good results.

Braces protect the damaged or injured area from movement. A thoracolumbar spinal orthosis (TLSO) is a plastic body jacket to immobilize the thoracolumbar spine, Knee orthosis (KO) is a brace worn to strengthen the knee.

Dedicated scientists and engineers provide the industry with new technologies and materials that help Marshall Kloene’s talented orthotists and prosthetists continually improve the performance of their custom products. Marshall Kloene works with doctors, physical therapists and families to enrich the quality of life for disabled individuals.


Our Address:

419 Tomahawk Dr Maumee, Ohio 43537


41.5848733, -83.6774527



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