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Featured Member: UAW Region 2B

Featured Member: UAW Region 2B
Member of the Month

UAW Is Not Just Auto Workers!

The international union, UAW, formerly called the United Auto Workers, is not limited to automotive. This diverse group of member businesses includes aerospace, casting operations, janitorial services, distribution centers, and many other industries. Region 2B members manufacture the Chevy Silverado and Cruz, Ford Vans, Jeep Wrangler, Abrams Tank, and Military Humvees. They build transmissions, engines, and missiles. They include office professionals, city, county, casino, and medical workers. 

UAW Region 2B

Labor union members include:

  • Autoworkers at Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler (The Big 3)
  • Many companies that supply parts to the Big 3, Toyota and Honda
  • Beer brewers
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Health care professionals
  • Parts suppliers
  • City employees
  • Foodservice workers
  • Office and professional workers
  • Musical instrument manufacturers
  • Engineers
  • Warehouse workers
  • Janitorial professionals
  • Casino employees

68,000 Members

The UAW Region 2B office at 1691 Woodlands Drive represents 31 chapters in Ohio and Indiana, including 68,000 active members and approximately 121,467 retirees. Many retired members from the big three remain a part of the VEBA TRUST health system and continue to have monthly meetings from March to November to stay updated and reconnect.

Member Events

In non-COVID-19 times, Leadership and Advisory Council meetings are held in the Spring and Fall, with individual sessions for committee members across the region to discuss issues and ideas. One event is in Ohio, and the other is in Indiana. They plan activities, have leadership training, and gather insights to take back to their worksites. Advisory councils include Chaplaincy, Civil and Human Rights, IPS (Competitive Shops), Skilled Trades, Veterans, Women’s, Union Label, and Top Advisory.


Wayne Blanchard

The UAW Region 2B is also active in our community. They are responding to the increased need with a Blood Drive in September. “We’re always doing what we can to help out in the community. Our member worksites can’t do blood drives at their facilities right now, so we are hosting one in our big hall with safety protocols in place. We do a lot with the March of Dimes as well,” noted Assistant Director Wayne Blanchard. (See blood drive flyer below.)

The UAW Region 2B office kindly hosts the summertime Wednesday food trucks in their parking lot. “Much of the staff is in and out, working remotely, but our support staff and I participate each week. The Bistro Burgers are excellent!! And I love the Lobster sandwich and fries from Rusty’s Road Trip,” reported Mr. Blanchard. “We have a great staff here” continued Mr. Blanchard. He was happy, however, to manage the Zoom interview for this article without any assistance. 🙂

Why Arrowhead Park?

Mr. Blanchard shared, “Arrowhead park is a great location for us, with so many members coming from Indiana or the Cleveland area, we are easily accessible. The improved traffic flow after they redesigned the Salisbury/Dussel Road exit is fantastic. (We’ve been here since 1995) It’s a beautiful setting, a nice place to be!”