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Beacon Associates – February 2019 Member of the Month

Beacon Associates – February 2019 Member of the Month
Member of the Month

Each month the Arrowhead Park Association features one member as its member of the month. For February 2019, Beacon Associates is being featured.

Beacon Associates

Beacon Associates, located at 1755 Indianwood Circle, is proof that a business can evolve with the times and stay strong. The insurance industry has changed significantly since Steven & Rhonda Wise started their health insurance businesses in 2004.

During their business’ beginning, Steve and Rhonda weathered a difficult non-compete agreement with BCBS, but not as smoothly as they’d hoped. They started a partnership with other insurance providers in the Akron/Cleveland area, but after they worked through the situation with BCBS, the partnership broke up. Staying on course, Beacon Associates focused on healthcare and Veterans’ benefits.

Beacon Associates has helped over 4000 Vets get “Aide in Attendance” benefit ( a non-service connected disability pension) in the past 13-14 years. Their work with veterans of WWII, and Korean and Vietnam wars led to many great relationships. In addition, they were able to encourage use of the pension nationwide. Steve Wise said, “Mentoring over 80 people across the US to assist other Veterans to get “Aide in Attendance” was a very rewarding project and helped us take part in assisting Vets across the US.”

As with all medical insurance providers, Beacon Associates is affected greatly by government rule changes. Prior to Obamacare, their primary focus was on the individual health market and small business, self-employed and Medicare market. Overnight, they lost over half of their revenue stream due to the Affordable Care Act being signed into law. Recent changes in Veterans’ benefits laws has altered their business model as well. Fortunately, as Beacon reinvents itself with each legislative change, they keep their great client relationships to help them move with the times.

Steven Wise
Rhonda Wise
Julie Fullerton

Beacon operates with an “Education First” motto. “We want to give you the info you need to make good choices, from health insurance to investments,” added Steven. While he manages the Financial Planning side, Rhonda Wise and Julie Fullerton have focused on insurance, branding themselves as the “Medicare Divas”.

Rhonda Wise shares, “Beacon Associates offers educational opportunities that Medicare doesn’t provide in a clear and understandable way. We take care of people. I am a firm believer that ‘what goes around comes around.’ That leads to referrals, and more work, but that’s what we signed up for. ” The “Medicare Divas” can educate clients on all supplement options. Rhonda continues, “Knowledge is power. Our Turning 65 Medicare workshops educate clients to make their best choices. They may have only one opportunity to get it right.” Beacon Associates is there to help clients make the Medicare decision that fits their needs the best. Beacon works with a ‘no pressure’ attitude. There is not a fee to work with the “Medicare Divas.” They get paid by the insurance carriers.

Beacon holds Social Security and long-term care workshops that advise when to take Social Security benefits and long-term care insurance. Beacon helps position their clients for the future. Much of this leads to estate planning, where they partner with Attorneys Debbie Papay and Chris Steiner of Bayer, Papay and Steiner Co., LPA, who reside in the same building.

Regarding insurance and financial planning options, Steve shares, “These are massive decisions people have to make. They may have only one opportunity to make the best choice for themselves. We have the knowledge and can educate them to make this huge decision to their best advantage. We’re a one-stop-shop, bringing all the pieces together… insurance, long term care, estate planning, and investments… for parents and children.” Steve adds, “We LOVE helping veterans; we have great relationships with our new family members.”

In keeping with their “Education First” philosophy, Beacon offers workshops as far north as Dundee, as far west as Archbold, east all the way to Sandusky, and south as far as Columbus. They are here to help!

As far as being part of the Arrowhead Park community, Beacon Associates is fond of their location. “We love the location and our new building. It’s a great presence,” concludes Steve Wise. Rhonda Wise is a Board of Trustee member for the Arrowhead Park Association. Stop by and meet Beacon Associates or for additional information, look them up on their website at  www.beaconexperts.com.